Precinct Maps for Johnson County.  These are links to the County Clerks official maps.




Precinct Committe Members

02-14CommitteemanTravis D Pearson
02-14CommitteewomanLisa Moore
03-01CommitteemanMichael Madden
03-01CommitteemanTheo Hirshfeld
03-01CommitteewomanMarilyn Connolly
03-02CommitteemanBill Novotny
03-02CommittewomanBrittnee Borgialli
03-03CommitteemanNorman Lee Sanford
03-03CommittewomanCheryl Madden
03-03CommittewomanEdie Taffner
03-04CommitteemanDustin Edwards
03-04CommitteewomanChandra Edwards
03-05CommitteemanRandy Moses
03-05CommitteewomanJoAnn Pearson
03-06CommitteemanHarvey Crowe
03-06CommittewomanKristen V Crago
03-07CommitteemanRobert Fox
03-07CommitteewomanLynnette Fox
03-08CommitteemanJohn N. Thorburn
03-08CommitteewomanChristy Washut
04-07CommitteemanJim Gampetro
04-07CommitteemanBenjamin J. Schiffer
04-07CommitteemanJim Hicks
04-07CommitteewomanLinda Gammon Greenough
04-07CommitteewomanMarilyn J Novotny
04-07CommittewomanLaci Harriet Schiffer
04-08CommitteemanSteven Laird
04-08CommitteemanJohn DeMatteis
04-08CommitteemanRobert Perry
04-08CommitteewomanLiberty Poley
04-08CommittewomanAmy Williams
04-08CommittewomanMarcia Goddard
05-08CommitteewomanJenny Wuerker
05-09CommitteemanJames Purdy
06-10CommitteemanTom Knapp
06-10CommittewomanKristen A. LeDoux
08-11CommitteemanNathan Williams
08-11CommittewomanJoanne Carpenter
09-12CommitteemanDan Fraker
09-12CommitteewomanSherryl Fraker
10-15CommitteemanJoseph (Jake) Christian
10-15CommitteewomanBryna Lyon
This is the precinct committeeman and committeewoman list for Johnson County. The pending positions have write-in votes that have not been confirmed by the Executive Committee, but are in progress. NOTE - more than one individual may have write-in votes which takes a time to go through each one. If a position is VACANT then a resident can apply to the Executive Committee to fill the position. Please complete the volunteer form.


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